Title: Medicine Country
Print Size: 21 x 28 inches
Edition Size: 750 Signed & Numbered Prints - 75 Remarqued Artist Proofs
Price each: $60 ~ click here to purchase

A study of Tatanka Witko (Fool Bull), a Brule (Sioux) medicine man. “Some time ago I dreamt of a world entirely made up of spheres” says Gerry. “What I found extraordinary about it was that I knew I was dreaming and could control the landscape with my thoughts. If an image of a flower or a tree or an animal came to mind it would immediately materialize into visible form in the spherical landscape.”

In an attempt to capture the essence of this dream, Gerry did a series of pieces of which Fool Bull’s portrait was the first. He’s portrayed at a gateway or a crack in the fabric of life itself. Preparing to enter his dream world, he projects his consciousness through the distant window.