Title: Allies
Print Size: 19 x 24 inches
Edition Size: 1000 Signed & Numbered Prints - 100 Remarqued Artist Proofs
Price each: $60 ~ click here to purchase

In a short but vivid dream, Gerry was pursued by an unseen force to the crest of a fog covered hill. As he stood there, the mist began to clear and an Indian, who was seated in a large circle, slowly came into sight. He was holding a bird, the wings of which were translucent rays of light that radiated into the distant clouds. “Upon seeing me,” says Gerry, “he motioned that I enter the circle with him. When I did, I felt the force that was stalking me disappear and what seemed like an endless peace came over me. He said the bird was sacred and that he was appealing to the Creator that his spirit become one with the eagles’ and that it become his ally.”

The subject Gerry chose for this piece was from an old photograph of Crow Dog, an Assiniboine warrior that was taken by Edward Curtis.