Wolf Pipe Eagle Pipe
Crow Pipe Deer Pipe


Title: Effigy Pipe Series
Print Size: 14 x 19 inches
Edition Size: 900 Signed & Numbered Prints of each- 100 Remarqued Artist Proofs of each
Price each: $48 ~ click here to purchase

To the casual observer, all Native American pipes are “peace pipes.” Actually, they are designed and smoked for many different reasons from personal and social events to sacred and ceremonial functions. A prayer pipe is a ceremonial tool which is both the center of life and a bridge between earth and sky, the physical and spiritual. What it symbolizes is a part of the American Indian worldview that all that exists on this planet is in some way related and sharing a common breath. Recognizing our place in the scheme of creation while we smoke the pipe causes the smoke to transform itself into a vehicle that connects us to the spiritual world.

The idea behind the design of this series was inspired by a dream. In it, Gerry was seated by a campfire listening to the howling of a distant wolf.  “When I howled back at him,” Gerry said, “he suddenly appeared at my side. When he asked me if I cared to smoke with him I nodded in affirmation and as soon as I did he began to shrink, his head changing into the bowl of a pipe and his body the stem.” This effigy pipe series represents this dream transformation.

The spirit of the animals depicted in this series can be strong allies to all of us. A highly respected animal among Native people is the wolf, considered a pathfinder and teacher. His strength and cunning also epitomized the supreme warrior in battle. To the Eastern Woodland people of Southern New England, this extremely social animal was a strong symbol of family.

The eagle exemplified the courage, power and expansiveness of vision needed for success in battle.  Considered the prime representative of the Great Spirit, the eagle teaches us to broaden our sense of self beyond the horizons of what is presently visible. To use its feathers in a ceremony was to bring a part of the Creators’ power down to earth for our particular benefit.

The crow is considered to be a bird of great wisdom. It knows the mysteries of creation and is keeper of sacred law. It’s also an omen of change, teaching us to walk our own path, to speak our own truth, and to know our life’s mission. To the indigenous people of Southern New England, it was the bird of life and a representative of Cautantowwit, the Great Spirit.

The deer was to the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands much the same as the buffalo was to the plains Indians. It contained everything necessary for physical and spiritual life.