Title: Raptor Series
Print Size: 10 x 14 inches
Edition Size: 900 Signed & Numbered Prints of each- 100 Remarqued Artist Proofs of each.
Price each: $48 ~ click here to purchase

More than any other kind of wildlife, birds have a magical hold on the human imagination. Birds of prey in particular have long been regarded as potent symbols of power and majesty. The uncanny sight of hawks and eagles, absolute masters of the air, soaring at high altitudes and screeching in decent upon their prey, have been a vivid part of natural lore since ancient times.

Owls too, silent hunters of the dark, figure prominently in myth and folklore, where they have been worshiped as deities and feared as harbingers of doom. These pieces depict the love that Gerry has for these grand creatures and reveals the mastery of his artistic skill with the pencil.