Limited Edition Prints


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Please Note: the digital reproductions on these web pages do not
accurately reflect the exceptional quality and tonality of the lithographs.

Publisher’s Note

Gerry began publishing his work as high quality, limited-editions prints in 1985.  They have always been printed on the highest quality, heavy weight, acid-free printing papers and only the finest lithographic houses are employed to produce them.  All edition sizes herein represent the number of prints available at the time of issue. Some editions have been reduced by prior ordering and some have sold out. Once an edition is sold out, it’s no longer available.

What is a limited-edition print?

A limited-edition print is a work of art on paper, a full-color, fine art reproduction of an artists’ original work. It takes several months and numerous proofs to produce an edition. Refinements are made with each proof, and because final color changes can be made on press, the artist is present at the printing to approve final press proofs. Not until then is the edition printed. Each lithograph is then signed and consecutively numbered, thus ensuring its authenticity.